Baby care is an important stage in human life; some refer it to the stage of creation in the mother’s womb.

Until reaching the age of eighteen, and at this stage the child begins to learn about life, learn concepts and apply them gradually.

There are many educational and social norms and requirements that must be followed with children. during the first years of their lives; one of these concepts is the concept of childcare that we will talk about in this article.

The concept of child and baby care.

There are many definitions of the concept of childcare according to the knowledge and its role. and according to the basic needs of the child  or baby care and its development through the ages.

and we review the most prominent in the following:

Which ensures the satisfaction of his diverse needs, and the growth of his character naturally.

A specialized field for children and their needs. which is concerned with providing a range of programs and services out of concern for and protection of children.

A range of specialized services that deal with children socially or in a social setting, such as the family or any other social organization.

This service supports the enhancement of parents’ ability to provide the love and guidance they need.

The concept of care also includes reviewing the system or method of care . and addressing vulnerabilities Or shortcomings, according to UNICEF.

An integrated system of health, psychological and social aspects. targeting the child at all stages of development from the stage of pregnancy until the post-natal stage.

and the associated health problems that may be experienced by the mother.  as well as the care of the child from the moment of birth until adulthood, A self in all life affairs. History of the concept of childcare