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Here are some top baby must haves or baby essentials (baby essentials list) for babies aged 12 – 18 months old. These are the baby products that all love and would recommend and hopefully be helpful with what to buy for every baby.

A baby must-haves from 12 months to 18 months old. Let’s start out with the basics.

  • The nappies or diapers, or pull-ups.

If you have a very wriggly baby that wants to walk away or crawl away while you’re trying to change them, you can slip these on really easily like pants.

But when they dirty their nappy, you can easily rip the sides so you can take them off if they’re messy, et cetera.

Also, there is a little sticky bit on the back so when you have a full nappy, you can roll them up and like, you can put the sticky bit across it, and I actually found them really handy this time. Holds everything in, et cetera.

  • Bepanthen the barrier cream.

A baby’s skin can be a little bit sensitive and this barrier cream and also the Aveeno barrier cream have been the best ones for him.

  • Baby sleeping bags.

You can put your baby in a little baby sleeping bag and he will go to bed in that. And no matter how much he rolls around during the night, he will still have a cover on him.

Because he is wearing the sleeping bag and because this will be part of his routine. Even when he sees the sleeping bag or you just slip it on him, he knows it’s bed time and he goes to bed really well.

  • Baby stair gates.

Babies have a very keen interest in the stairs, and it could be quite dangerous.

They’re from a brand called Numi and there is no bar that goes along the floor.

So there isn’t a risk of me or one of your kids tripping over that bar.

  • Ikea highchair.
  • nappy bin or diaper bin.

You will love having this throughout since your baby has been weaned onto three meals a day.

Sometimes his nappies will not smell very good, and it will be great to have a place that you can put them where they won’t smell at all.

  • non-slip bath mat.

Your baby will always want to stand up in the bath and even walk around.

so this bath mat will be great to stop him from falling over.

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